In-Home Support Services

Welcome to Peace of Mind Care Center’s In-Home Support Services, where we bring compassionate care and personalized assistance to the comfort of your home. Our commitment to dignified autonomy, continuous learning, and creating safe spaces extends to our In-Home Support Services, designed to enhance the well-being and independence of individuals facing various challenges.

What we do

In-Home Family Support:

Tailored assistance for families, providing the support needed to create a nurturing and inclusive environment at home.

Independent Living Skills Training:

Empowering individuals with the skills necessary for independent living, fostering self-sufficiency and confidence.

Individualized Home Supports:

Customized support services designed to meet the unique needs of each individual, ensuring a personalized and effective care plan.

Individualized Home Supports with Family Training:

Collaborative support that involves both individuals and their families, promoting a unified approach to well-being.

Semi-Independent Living Skills:

Transitional support for those seeking a balance between independence and assistance, promoting gradual self-sufficiency.

Supported Living Services for Adults:

Comprehensive support services for adults, ensuring a secure and nurturing environment that promotes independence and well-being.

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