Fostering Well-Being,

One Soul at a Time

Welcome to Peace of Mind Care Center, where our services go beyond conventional care to enrich lives and empower individuals on their unique journey towards holistic well-being. Our person-centered approach, rooted in respect, dignity, and compassion, is designed to cater to the distinctive needs of those aged 18 and above facing various challenges.

In-Home Support Services

In-Home Family Support

Tailored assistance for creating a nurturing home environment.
Inclusive support for families

Independent Living Skills Training

Empowering individuals for independent living.
Development of self-sufficiency and confidence.

Individualized Home Supports with Family Training

Collaborative support involving individuals and families.
A unified approach to overall well-being.

Semi-Independent Living Skills

Transitional support for balancing independence and assistance.
Promoting gradual self-sufficiency.

Supported Living Services for Adults

Comprehensive support services for adults.
Ensuring a secure and nurturing environment.

Day Services

Day Support Services

Tailored activities for daytime engagement.
Social, therapeutic, and recreational opportunities.

Day Training and Habilitation

Structured environment for skill development.
Empowering individuals with essential life skills.


Preparation for future employment opportunities.
Skill-building activities and real-world experiences.

Employment Services

Employment Development Services

Personalized employment plans based on strengths and interests.
Guidance on resume building, interview preparation, and job search strategies.

Employment Exploration Services

Assistance in discovering diverse career opportunities.
Access to vocational training programs and industry resources.

Employment Support Services

Ongoing assistance in the workplace.
Support for overcoming barriers and promoting career sustainability.

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