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(formerly known as Grandpa Grandma ADC)

Our Care Team

Peace of Mind Care Center is a local family business with immigrant roots.  Peace of Mind was founded with the intent to increase the quality of life of our multicultural families and communities through flexible and people-oriented care.  Our care family is grounded in compassion, integrity, honor, and respect for our community members and neighbors. It is with our utmost confidence that you can trust us with your loved ones. Our aim is to not only serve but to also collaborate with the members of our care community.

Our founder and Center Director, Fartun Weli, first became familiarized with care services at a young age after taking care of her brother who had a disability.  Her care for him motivated her to commit herself to care services.  Ms. Weli has two decades of experience in the medical field, including 15 years as a health and technology specialist for Park Nicollet Clinics. She has also gained international prominence for challenging the Somali taboo against speaking openly about reproductive and mental health issues. She has spoken at public events — from University symposiums and public health workshops to political roundtables — and is a recognizable and indispensable liaison between the Somali and mainstream communities.

Ms. Weli and her nieces and nephews

Fartun Weli

Center Director & Founder

Mohamed Osman

Client Relationship Manager

Robin Wetzel


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