Welcome to Peace of Mind Care Center, Inc


Peace of Mind Care Center is a multi-cultural and family-friendly community. Our services are people-centered and unique to each individual. At Peace of Mind Care Center, our clients will be able to build relationships with one another and learn new skills, which in turn has the potential to improve their mental well-being.

Peace of Mind Care Center serves clients 18+with physical disabilities, non-verbal disabilities, cognitive deficits (including Down’s Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorders), traumatic brain injury, mild to moderate memory loss situation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a high quality, supportive, nurturing, and family-centered environment that enhances the well-being of our clients, caregivers, and the community we serve.


To be a space of compassion, listening, collaboration, and quality of care.


Core Values

Our core values include a commitment to:

  1. Encouraging the development of new opportunities;
  2. Ensuring the stability of the client’s lifestyle;
  3. Promoting and establishing a routine that best fits our clients’ individuality;
  4. Treating our clients with honor, compassion, dignity, and respect;
  5. Providing a supportive environment and supporting opportunities for self-determination and independence;
  6. Adhering to high moral principles while maintaining professional standard of care;
  7. Promoting a safe and accessible environment to all.

These values guide our actions daily.